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About Us


 We are passionate about Personal and Relational Wellbeing

We find that the most exciting part of our work is to help you discover something new about yourself, your relationships or the world around you.  

We believe and experience daily how Relationships are vital and constitute the very Fabric of Life.

We, as helping professionals, are joining you on your journey of discovery aiming at being companions in your growth process. We bring authenticity, and our fully engaged experiential presence. Our work is to make it as effective as possible for your body-mind and emotional health to complement each other. In this way you can enhance your choices, your relationships, your energy levels, and your life-style. This process helps you increase your capacity to cope with life demands while maintaining balance and wellbeing in all spheres of your life.

 By Relationships we mean your Spouse, Partner, Children, or Relationships within the Family or in the Workplace. Here we offer a therapeutic alliance that can help you make of your life a fuller and satisfying experience. 

Our work is about discovering novelty, firstly by making sure to establish a firm ground of safety and support for our clients. We also encourage a good blend of support and challenge for you to discover something new about yourself at a deeper level, improving your self- worth,  developing new clarity and life direction, helping you overcoming Crises and Confusion in your life or in your Marriage. Overall  Counselling and Therapy is about resolving Conflict or overcoming Isolation, Grief, Loss, Depressive and Anxious Emotional states or anything else that prevents you to live a truly fulfilling and happy life.