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Radha Cohen


M. Gestalt Psychotherapy

B.Soc.Sc.Counselling / Trauma Recovery

Dip. Natural Therapies/Yoga & Meditation

Radha Ph ws

I’ve been working as a Counsellor and Meditation teacher for over 30 years, travelling, living and teaching in 15 different countries, through various cultures and languages. I’m bringing to my Counselling Profession a long-term experience in understanding the ultimate needs of the human Mind and Soul, as well as the benefits of Wellbeing Practices, for a totally healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

I 'm trained with a Counselling degree in Trauma Recovery, and a Master degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy. My professional work is about revert the effect of Negative Emotions, life unfinished businesses, abuse or trauma, unblocking whatever holds you back from being all that you can be, through the effectiveness of Gestalt psychotherapeutic approach and practices.

I' m also particularly dedicated in working with women and young women, helping them finding self-worth, support, strength, dignity and meaning in their lives, as well truly fulfilling relationships with their partners.

I have been running Meditation Retreats and Yoga Detox Retreats for many years, and I include in my work a  great interest in Holistic Wellbeing, as well as Yogic Dietary Health Practices and Natural Therapies.

Radha's Professional Specialties:

  • Individual therapy: working with Emotional distress, Eating Disorders, Abuse - Trauma, Depression or Anxiety.
  • Relationships, Marriage and Family Counselling
  • Couples Therapy
  • Life Coaching, life direction, meaning and purpose
  • Crises, Grief and Loss
  • Wellness- Detoxification and Natural Therapies / Dietary Practices / Yoga and Meditation / Self-empowered life style and Positive approach for total balance and wellbeing Mind-Body and Spirit.
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences and Aroma Therapy.