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Jonathan Yogesh Alperovitch


M. Gestalt Psychotherapy

Zen Meditation Instructor

Dip. Yoga & Natural Therapies

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My background is in Zen Meditation and Yoga. I have worked in an organizational role at the "Open Way Zen Centre" for about a decade, organizing Zen Meditation Retreats and facilitating the flow of ongoing practices.

 I believe in the innate goodness of human nature, and I am happy to be able to meet with people supporting the wellbeing and evolution of human life, personally as well as collectively.  I have worked with organizations such as " Men and Family Centre" doing growth work that supports men from all walks of life; and with "Pathways" helping organize retreats with teenagers boys and their fathers.

I hold a Master Degree in Gestalt psychotherapy and found Gestalt Psychotherapy to be an incredible methodology to enhance the ability to relate and excel as a human being. Gestalt therapy can help improving relational functions within the self, in relationships, within the Family system or in Organisations. The process is one of recognition, awareness and integration, and is a genuine path leading towards harmony and success. I am inspired to share with my clients these wholesome processes, skills, and practices.

Jonathan's Professional Specialties:

  • Executive Life Coaching
  • Individual Therapy: working with Men related issues, Life changes, Life Coaching and personal growth.
  • Relationships Counselling
  • Couples Therapy
  • Mindfulness – applying awareness with a relational approach to every day struggle in relationships, in life and work choices, leading towards self-fulfillment and personal growth.
  • Conflict Resolution – for personal, interpersonal and organizations.
  • Yoga - Wellness - Detox practices for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.