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 Counselling as a preventive practice.  

Gestalt Therapy and our ProfessionalServices are critical at time of crises, but even more so they are important as a preventive first and foremost therapy. Gestalt Counselling can be very effective as a support to prevent Marriage breakdowns before they happen. It is much easier to resolve personal issues or misunderstandings among partners before the crises takes hold.

For the sake of our relationships it is important to remember that we live in times of rapid changes. We need to learn to manage our relationships and our partnerships by strengthening and updating our commitments to one another more often, to accommodate the changing needs of all people involved.


The preventive aspect of Gestalt Counselling is that many issues can be addressed in a way that promotes mutually satisfying outcomes, leading to an improved communication and understanding. Gestalt Therapy also  supports release and express blocked emotions, such as fear, frustration, disappointment or anger, as well as negative judgmental thoughts. 

Gestalt Counselling can help reveal and clarify the needs underlying dissatisfaction and emotional turmoil in relationships, helping to better communicate one's needs with respect for others and with consideration for one's own and others Wellbeing. 

Therefore Counselling and Family therapy are helpful to make positive changes and create better relationships  by renewing understanding and love, and by learning new skills.