How do we perceive and experience Challenges?

How do we perceive and experience Challenges?

Do we see challenges as being a threat – something to escape, a punishment – a chance of being slandered or ashamed by not meeting an expected ‘standard’, the fault of another, or an opportunity to be seized?

What is most familiar in your inner world:

“ If things go wrong, it means I am being punished, it means that I am bad.”

“When I experience difficulties I feel small, incapable, incompetent, ashamed, I want to hide away and avoid it.”

“If I am challenged it is unfair! I want to fight the situation, smash it to bits, and everyone else is wrong, bad, and at fault”.

“Reality is filled with Challenges and I take it with two hands and do my best to overcome it. I know that overcoming it strengthens myself and others too !”

What do you choose?

Life certainly presents challenges, and the scope of how to meet them is a very broad one! Yet without awareness of how do I actually react to challenge in my inner thought and feeling process, the spectrum of choice remains locked behind a clouding veil of thoughts and feelings. So what is your choice? What informs your choice? Is your choice coming from awareness or a habit? What motivates you ?

Every day has a multitude of opportunities to find out about the inner process you go through within yourself. If you are not happy with the situation, the self, the other, there may be something for you to explore and discover. There may be a change behind the corner awaiting for you, a shift in perspective. To discover new possibilities can certainly bring fresh energy to your struggle in dealing with or overcoming the challenge itself, whatever that may be. In this way it' s possible to experience positive results  in the midst of any challenge.