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Our Approach

Living Relations provides Gestalt Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy that enhances interpersonal skills and communication processes.The Gestalt therapy process clears up deep emotional disturbances overcoming personal, family, as well as Trans-generational related issues.

Here are some anecdotes about how we work and what are the elements of the work:

Gestalt Counselling helps to deal with inner or interpersonal conflict by building a capacity for self- awareness through mindful practices within the relational interaction.

Mindful awareness has been proven to bring about neural integration of body, emotions and regulation of energy. Through the practice of mindfulness clients learn to notice their experience rather than just talk about it, looking at it not as something to get rid of but by becoming conscious of how their experience is organized, they are bringing into awareness the patterns of how they ‘do life’, consequently enhancing their ability to create change in their lives.

Team Work  Gestalt therapy is a relational and dialogical discipline that fosters a therapeutic collaboration between therapist and client. The therapeutic collaboration aims at developing a high level of reciprocal Respect, a strong sense of Safety, and an ongoing collaborative Alliance. We respect clients to be the final authority in regard to their self-knowledge, and we aim to be a support system in this process.

Gestalt Self-in-process is based in the present Here and Now experiential ground, a moment by moment co-created experience helping the clients to recreate new possibilities of Being, developing new Neural-pathways by discovering new things about one’s self and the other or others, never previously known or explored. Clients also are supported to find new meaning and a new level of understanding by discovering new perceptions and a new relationship with oneself, the family and the World, reaching beyond previously formulated cognition of repetitive patterns of living and being.

Whole greater than sum of parts (Holism or Holistic practice) means that we practice from a field perspective, where an individual is seen in the context of the environment and his/her relationships. We see a person as a whole that can’t be reduced to a list of diagnostic elements, professional analysis, or a set of chemicals interacting in the brain. A person is greater than any part of his/her experience or past events, and can’t be limited to a role or a position.

A human being, we believe, is always in a process of change and growth and is response-able in the co-creation of his/her own life. We work to support and invite this process of change to become clear, conscious, creative and choice-full.

Paradoxical approach to change informs our methods of therapeutic interventions. We explore with clients what is, by supporting clients to reach self-awareness, thus providing a real foundation for change to occur. We believe that through clear awareness of how things are or ‘what is’ experienced in the moment, the client can reach powerful insights that creates transformative experiential changes in oneself as well as in relationships' dynamics.

Awareness in Gestalt Therapy is free of any judgments or prejudices, through present exploration of sensations, movements and feelings. Gestalt is very much looking at the body that remembers everything by storing subconscious programmes and believes systems. It is also looking at how the person embodies the whole field, from our Ancestors to our immediate Family and Social Environment. In therapy we utilize the phenomenological observation of outwardly physical manifestations to work with, clarify and resolve past events, unfinished businesses, or trauma related states. The primary source of knowing remains client’s own perception, own perspective or client’s own meaning making of life experiences. This process of awareness honors client’s subjectivity, helps to free negative patterns, increases positive affects, and fosters positive relational capacity.

Gestalt is an Experiential based work indicating a quality of curiosity and playful exploration in therapy that increases the ability for client to cope with life's stresses or past traumas. The experimental process is helping a sense of spontaneous Self-Regulation, biologically as well as psychologically for the client, within oneself as well as in relation to other people. It is helping to find a balance internally between different aspects of personality, or polarities, as well as between contradictory desires, wants and needs, as well as externally finding peace and balance in relation to other people, partner or family.

Integration of personality in Gestalt therapy, works at integrating different aspects of self, physical, emotional, cognitive, psychic and spiritual.  We look at all part of self as having a function, and we approach it with healthy inclusion. This integrative holistic approach leads a person to be aware of the spectrum of self-functions, becoming capable of using them at will for one’s own wellbeing, or for the wellbeing of the family or partnership. This process also emphasizes the integration and regulation of emotions, creating resolution and a positive transformation of past painful experiences, loss and grief, or of negative aspects in the personality. pharma centre

Spirituality is about discovering one’s inner essence and reconnecting to the universal principals that sustain all life. It is about expanding one’s mental horizon; knowing one’s limitations and boundaries; learning acceptance and  gratitude for all the good things we have in life; understanding one’s own life lessons; tapping into one’s inner wisdom and beauty; accessing personal power, choice and awareness; enhancing inner guidance, self-development and self-realization.

Community networking is also an important part of our Gestalt therapeutic work, aimed at building relations, connections and environmental support that enhance peace, prosperity, growth and wellbeing for individuals and their families.

We aim to build a community where individuals feel acceptance and support, where values of care, love, friendship as well as environmental balance are taken deeply into consideration. A community is not just the people that live around us but it is those living relational connections that make up the spirit of our community. Our Living-Relations Workshops, Retreats, Weekly activities, Counselling and Therapy are all aimed at building such a valuable enriched community  locally as well as globally.