Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Resolving conflicts is about fostering mutual understanding and acceptance, as well as developing a structure that supports open functional communication. We aim to support people, families, organisations and communities to develop good relationships with functional communication, mutual understanding, care, and respect.

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The Methodology of Conflict Resolution embraces the complexity of individuals, systems, and their conflicts. It is inviting a co-discovery about the reciprocity and simplicity of human needs, values and aspirations.

This approach is suited for interpersonal as well as organizational conflicts. We work with clients to address conflict in all of its dimensions, as Conflict have wide and often unknown causes as background. We investigate those background causes that may include various aspects such as: problematic structures within the family system, or within the organisation; difference in outlooks about life, and about goals and values; accumulation of negative emotions carried out from past interactions; diversity of cultural norms,etc. All of these aspects whether consciously or unconsciously contribute to provoke various degrees of conflict.

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