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Couples & Relationship Coaching

Interpersonal Coaching fosters the development of communication skills in the family or in the workplace.

We address Power Issues and  Communication Patterns.

We explore Life Themes, Mutual Values and Contract Differences.

We aim to create Mutual Respect and a Collaborative style of Co-operating, understanding the inter-personal needs of both partners, or of other family members.

Our Couple Counselling Program will enable you:

  • To move on from the idyllic romantic beginning, learning to "grow in love", instead of "falling in love".
  • To reach out for repair and reconciliation after a crises period through corrective emotional experiences and functional communication processes.
  • To go through a process of differentiation while still being together and in love.
  • To build constructive inter-dependency, without denying yours or others' needs.
  • To become aware of and expose the difficult parts of yourself in ways that the other partner can accept you for who you are.
  • To accept and integrate negative and positive aspects of yourself.
  • To change unproductive conflict into constructive and positive interactions.
  • To tell the truth and hear the truth, using honesty as a process of emotional development and self-development.
  • To communicate without attacking or blaming the other partner.
  • To confront whatever the problem is, learning to grow from it instead of becoming angry, or running away.
  • To rebuild your couple system, or your marriage, through renewed commitment, values and compassionate communication, based on mutual respect and collaboration.
  •  To share deeper Intimacy, Fun, and Quality Time together.      

The 'Growing in Love' process of Interflow Coaching provides you with the invaluable capacity of rising your relationship to levels of reciprocal support, harmony and deep satisfaction. You will be able to nurture yourself and each other by understanding the dynamics of each person, and specifically of your couple system, grounding your relationship with care, and uplifting your shared life with loving creativity. Make your relationship the warm nest from where each one of you can fly out to the world with confidence, inner strength, and a trust that there is a place of LOVE to come back to.


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Family Counselling

Family Counselling improves the capacity of every member of thevfamily to listen and understand one another.  It enhances Family Resilience helping all people involved to make better choices and strategic intervention in order to establish a harmonious family environment where the wellbeing of each person is taken into account.