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 Gestalt Psychotherapy facilitates a Counselling process that enriches a supportive and safe environment for clients. It promotes increased motivation towards  change, self-growth and harmonious relationships with others. 

 Gestalt Counselling facilitates healthy relational processes through different ways of coming home to self, exploring different ways of being, developing and discovering new relational pathways with self and others.

Gestalt Counselling helps to activate new neurological pathways towards enhanced personal creativity, change, intuition, restoration of emotional balance and wellbeing for the person and the family, creating an enriched healthy environment.

Gestalt Counselling helps gain insight and transform negative emotions held within into a sense of renewed energy and life purpose. The counselling process helps develop self-awareness and self-empowerment increasing the level of satisfaction and fulfillment in one's relationships and life-style.

The modality of Gestalt therapy has been at the forefront as a cutting edge psychotherapy for decades. Gestalt methodology is a synthesized practice of deep self awareness, viewing self as co-creator of the whole, and the product of a profound relational approach. Gestalt process is present based, and future oriented. Transformation is invited within an artful experimentation that brings novelty in the co-created experience of client and therapist alike. Gestalt process is very conducive to building ones own integral autonomy. Integration is the strength that comes from knowing oneself, integrating every aspect of self within one's own personality. Autonomy is the power to take risks, to be responsible for one's actions, and to know how to handle situations and their consequences.

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