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Professional Marriage Counselling & Counselling for Families

Strategies to deal with life's day-to-day stresses to build happier families

Couples Counselling

Create Stronger Relationships

Professional Counselling for Couples

Meditation & Mindfulness

Focus on a Better You

Self-Awareness Brings Choice

Emotional Wellbeing

Find Your Life Purpose

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Conflict Resolution

Professional Counselling for Workplace, Organisations & Communities

Understanding Differences & Creating Trust

Women's Wellness Coaching

Women’s Wellness Coaching

Find your path to Blossom your potential, your power, and your purpose,

with beauty vitality fulfilment and happiness

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We live in a time where, as women, we are called to truly connect to ourself, to each other and to nature, to our deeper purpose and the divine within, to live a life of harmony, good health and balance in our lives and in the world.

Coaching-Professional Counselling and Wellbeing Therapies helps you to gain practical insight and personal growth, learning to stay grounded and protected in the face of stress and emotional turmoil.You can restore fundamental connectedness to Your-Self and to the Eternal Rhythms of Cosmos, discovering what you are here to do in this life, integrating guidance and inner wisdom. The coaching program will help you to:

commit to yourself

explore and enrich your life

build deeper and long lasting relationships

change those belief systems that limit your power

ground and manifest your intentions and goals

become the presence that you are to impact the world around



helping you to overcome limiting beliefs, negative self-judgments, false disempowerment, unrealistic ideals of perfection, insecurity, and all negative feelings blocking you to actualise yourself and fulfil your life.

Are you wanting support to change, to truly know what you want in life, and to manifest your goals and aspirations?

30 min. Free Consultation ( online only, by Phone or Skype) BOOK HERE


Women’s Wellness Coaching 

Gestalt Counselling

Emotional Wellbeing Counselling and Therapy

Trauma Recovery Counselling and Therapy

Wellness - Diet - Detox Consultation

Personal Consultation Sessions BOOK HERE


        In person,  Brisbane- Brunswick Head - Gold Coast- Stanthorpe, or online.


Learn and Explore in a Workshop:

Gestalt Group Counselling Process Workshops

A Workshop per month for 3 consecutive months.

Gold Coast-Last Thursday of the month 4-6.30 pm.

Brunswick Heads-Last Friday of the month 4-6.30 pm.

Brisbane-Second Thursday of the month 4-6.30 pm.

Stanthorpe-First Thursday of the month 4-6.30 pm



( Brisbane -  Gold Coast - Brunswick Heads)


Bust your Total Health and Wellbeing in one of our

Yoga Wellness Detox Retreat:

Our next Retreat


2-5 JUNE 2016

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I appreciate your connection and value your commitment to

self-actualisation, personal fulfilment, health and wellbeing.


Emotional Wellbeing Therapy 

Emotional Wellbeing Therapy provides a highly effective cure for many diseases caused by psychological and emotional imbalances.   

        B.F. Essence Emotional Therapy is highly effective, works quickly and at a deep level,  helping people make desired positive changes for themselves.

The Therapy works ‘vibrationally’ using life force to balance, tone and restore mind/body frequencies, helping releasing negative patterns of energy, negative emotions and self-sabotaging belief systems, working at a subconscious level. It also helps to acquire positive qualities in the personality, and positive feelings leading to a higher level of personal wellbeing and to new levels of understanding.

Emotional Wellbeing Therapy, in conjunction with Australian Flower Essences or Aroma Therapy, helps to enhance self-esteem and self-worth; increases self-support and self-protection; releases tiredness and exhaustion, enhances energy renewal, revitalization and rejuvenation; helps to release negative family patterns or transgenerational traumas; enhances personal growth;releases deep held negative emotions such as shock, fear, terror, anger, hatred, confusion, loneliness, worrying, resentment or bitterness, jealousy, shyness and insecurity, dislike of self, poverty consciousness and dis-empowerment.

Emotional Wellbeing Therapy helps restoring personality balance, joyousness, own beauty, serenity of mind and the ability to cope.




1) I’m not...................enough (write whatever comes into your mind).

2) I’m not a very good……………………….(mother, partner, leader, etc.).

3) Where does this belief comes from?……………(parents, teachers, etc.).

4) How much of my self-esteem do I get from how I look or how I dress? (little-some-a lot).

5) If I would become physically unattractive or incapacitated, but healthy, how would I feel? (depressed, resigned, unshaken, focused elsewhere).

6) How much of my self-worth comes from my job position, my income, my identity? (little-some-a lot).

7) How much do I base my value upon taking care of others at the expense of myself? (little-some-a lot).

8) How much is my self-worth based on self-acceptance and appreciation? ( little-some-a lot).

9) How much do I maintain healthy loving boundaries with others? (rarely-sometimes-often-daily).

10) How often do I provide myself with self-care time? (rarely-sometimes-often-daily).