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Next Retreat


Our Next Retreat will be at Beautiful and Stanning location of

Gymea Eco Retreat Uki

Gold Coast Hinterland

January 11-18 2018

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This Yoga Detox Retreat is a weekend of experiential healing and learning, deep connecting and spiritual upliftment.

Join us for this unique retreat and find your empowered path to integrated wellbeing and personal fulfillment.

AM Wellness Yoga Detox is a highly effective method that enables the person to reach impressive levels of health Physically and Mentally.The system is based on a graduated diet program, based on the underlying belief that the body is its own best healer given the right conditions to do so. Sickness, in most of its forms, is seen as a detoxifying process of the body, and is being carefully monitored rather than eliminated through suppression of symptoms.  

Living Relations organises yearly Residential Detox Retreats programs where people are given the methods and practices of AM Wellness Yoga Detox, to experience for themselves the health benefits, while learning to empower themselves in taking charge of their own health.

Additionally we also provide ongoing personal Wellbeing Coaching on AM Wellness detox, as well as Classes on detox food preparations.

Retreat Program

  • Gourmet Health Food, Natural Probiotics and Cooking Classes: to learn how to heal yourself using Food as Medicine
  • Graduated Juice Fasting: Alkalise your body, Rejuvenate, and Maximise your Health
  • Personalised  Diet Detox Programs and Natural Therapies
  • Exercises and Glandular Yoga to learn the secrets of Long Life and Anti-stress living habits
  • Joyful KIIRTAN (dancing meditation) and Meditation practices, as the  ultimate De-stressing tools to transform Negative Emotions, improving all Mind-Body faculties 
  • Wellness Classes- 6 Steps to Wellness- Reversing Diabetes- How to cure Candida and IBS- How to maintain healthy Hormonal Balance- How to Activate the Master Gland, the Pineal.
  • Evening Programs There will also be Entertainment time with Cooking Classes- Art therapy classes and Poetry time, Dances of Universal Peace- Laughing Yoga- Informative Videos and Nature Walks.


About Gymea Eco Retreat 

Gymea Eco Retreat is one of the most beautiful and stunning retreat centres in the area, featuring a daily SPA and SAUNA, MT Warning views, SWIMMING POOL and Therapies area, Large Meditation HAll with a direct view on Mt.Warning, a delightful Dining Area with an enchanting view over the hills and mountains, and very conmfortable rooms for guests. 

Cost:Twin Share Room with Private Bathroom


Early Bird til 15 Dec. AUD$2,100. *All Included (Accommodation, Food, Natural Therapies, Naturopathic Consultation, Wellness Classes, Yoga, Evening Programs, etc)

Full Price AUD $ 2,350.*All Included

Single King Bed Room with Private Bathroom

Early Bird til Dec.15 AUD$2,450. *All Included

Full price AUD $ 2,650.*Al lIncluded

*(Only Massage Sessions and Counselling Sessions will be paid extra at your own convinience according to sessions' length and frequency)




Watch the Testemonials from the last retreat:

*Any Private Counselling Sessions, Trauma Counselling Sessions or Relationships Counselling Sessions will be charged extra at standard counselling rates.


Benefits of Detox

The benefits are numerous and becoming the power holder of your own health is just the beginning!

In today society we are constantly exposed on a daily level, to innumerable chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, contaminating our soil, water, and air. Our FOOD is also packed with too many hidden refined sugars and unhealthy oils, highly processed, pastorised and homogenised. On top of all that we are surrounded by Electro Magnetic Frequences ( EMF) that deeply are affecting our body cells and DNA.

This Environmental Toxicity is greatly impacting the health of our Micro-biome, our Intestinal Flora and Intestinal Life, creating an endemic pathogenic Intestinal permeability, in turn giving rise to a variety of Autoimmune diseases, Neurological dysfunctions, overall Hormonal Imbalance, and a high level of Inflammatory diseases. The result is rampant Chronic Fatigue syndrome, lack of energy, gut dysbioses, Andrenal fatigue, Thyroid dysfunctions, systemic Metal Toxicity, Micronutrients deficiency, mineral depletion,  malabsorption, Allergies, Diabetes, Obesity and Neurological dysfunctions even in children.

Regular and perpetual Detoxification processes are now imperative to maintain optimal health and stamina, vitality, longevity, Brain health and Glandular balance.

We need to act to prevent sickness, because to wait to get sick is one of the most exoensive things we can do not only financially but even more so emotionally. To prevent sickness we need to understand the long-term benefits and life enhancing qualities of regular Detox, learning how to implement these preventive practices on a daily, monthly and yearly level.

We need to learn to include in our life and daily routine, detoxification practices and rejuvenating avtivities to rebuild our Micro-biome, to eliminate toxins, to destressifying, to enhance our Immune system, to cultivate positive emotions and positive thinking, to promote overall health and wellbeing.

Detoxification practices look at the Body and Mind Holistically, incorporating different pathways leading, step by step, to an ideal personalised Diet and a unique Life-style, that enhances cells regeneration and restoration of energy, maximising our full human potential.


Our friendly and well-trained AMWellness staff (coming from USA, Stanthorpe, Maleny, Adelide, and Mullumbimby especially to run this detox programs) will closely give personal supervision to the participants during their detox and health regime.

Dada D


International Yoga Master and Natural Detox Therapies Specialist

Dada is an International Yoga Master, Naturopath, Psychologist and Natural Detox Therapies Specialist. He started AMWellness Detox Centres in many countries all over the world, in USA where he is originally from, in the Philippines, in Taiwan, in India and in South Africa.

His Global Training Center in the Philippines as well as his Detox Programs all over the world have proven remarkably successful in promoting health and well-being while dealing with all kinds of chronic diseases and at times even with worst degenerative diseases. Dada's inspiration and dedication is absolutely contagious and uplifting not only in supporting physical healing and well-being but also  mental and spiritual elevation that fosters personal evolutionary trans-formative healing processes. During the Wellness Retreat Dada will personally assist all participants with private Naturopathic Consultations, Daily Classes on Wellness and Detox, and with personal prescriptions for each participant on Diet, Detox and Yoga Practices to bring back home.

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Certified Yoga Meditation Teacher, Naturopath and Nature Cure Therapist specialist.

Didi is a highly qualified Yoga and Meditation trainer. She also studied Naturopathy and Natural Medicine with the founder of Global AMWellness Detox Programs. Her presence is very supportive for all participants. During the Wellness Retreat Didi is giving Personal Care to participants, assisting with Group Meditation and Natural Therapies,and, when requested, giving Personal Meditation tecniques. Didi will also assist in giving Personalised Naturopathic Consultations to partecipanst.

Radha Samll


Degree in Counseling & Trauma Recovery - Master Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy– Diploma in Natural Therapies.

Radha is specialised in Clinical Counselling,Trauma Recovery, and Gestalt psychotherapy. She has also been involved with Yoga,Meditation, Health, Nutrition and Graduated Fasting since over 40 years and studied Yogic Natural Treatments-Diet-Detox programs with the founder of Global AMWellness Centres. She is an expert in Health Food Cuisine, Detox Diet, and Detox Therapies. During the Wellness retreat Radha is giving personal care to participants, supervises food preparations and Natural therapies, co-facilitates Gestalt Group Counselling Processes, as well as Personal Gestalt Counselling and Therapy.

Yogesh white small


Masters Degree in Gestalt Counselling & Therapy – Diploma in Natural Therapies- Yoga and Meditation teacher.

Jonathan is a Life Coach Consultant, a Gestalt Therapist and an AMWellness Yoga Detox Facilitator. He is running periodicaly Gestalt Therapy Groups and workshops on leadership, personal growth, resilience and conflict resolution. He has been conducting Meditation Retreats and Detox-Fasting Retreats for over a decade. He studied Natural Treatments-Diet-Detox programs with the founder of Global AM Wellness Center, and has an extensive training in the tradition of Zen Meditation. During the Wellness Retreat Jonathan is giving personal care to participants, conducting Yoga Classes, Natural Therapies, Gestalt Group Counselling, and when requested, Personal Gestalt Therapy Sessions.

More about the AM Wellness Yoga Detox System

Learning the practices of AM Wellness Detox System will help you to become healthy, regulated, and positive, closer to your Inner Self, and to the  Higher Direction of your own Heart.

Wellness Detox Retreats held regularly during the year, are specifically designed to promote rejuvenation, vitality and longevity by practicing a Detoxifying Diet, Specific systems of Water Drinking, Alkaline Eating, as well as Glandular Balancing and the Activation of the Master Gland- The Pineal Gland.

The retreats are designed to promote balance and integration of physical, mental and spiritual bodies through an infusion of all the components of Natural Therapies, Yoga Practices, and Diet, learning how to create a daily, weekly and monthly regular care of your physical bodies, as well as emotional and mental bodies, through various Techniques, Dances,  Exercises, Laughter, and Natural Therapies.                                                        

Many Emotional diseases, hormonal or psychological imbalances are due to the fact that we are unable in a materialistic life style to nurture our higher sphere of thought, aspiration, insight, bliss, inner joy and inner peace. We get out of balance due to too many stress factors, pollutants and unhealthy life style habits.

Yoga and Meditation practices combined with very significant Dietary Changes, help to make a huge difference on our energy levels, physical health and stamina, mental concentration, increased positive emotions, balanced hormonal secretions, and an overall high level of physical and mental wellbeing.


The benefits are numerous and becoming the power holder of your own health is just the beginning!


On a physical level the Detox Retreats can help people troubled by Stress, Obesity, Blood pressure, Arthritis and Body pain, Hyper-acidity, Digestive complications, IBS chronic bloating or Candida, Hepatitis, Menstrual problems and Hormonal imbalance, Migraine, Insomnia, Constipation and Skin problems, and much more.

On a Mental level the Detox programs promotes a life style that gives great relief against Depression, Anxiety, Chronic worries, Stress, Obsessions, and Negative Emotions.

On a Mental-Emotional and Spiritual level the Retreat program helps to  understand and learn how to infuse one's life with the Universal Principles that govern the equilibrium of the whole universe, also called Dharma, promoting good fortune and all round well-being,  accelerating one's own evolutionary process with balance, joy,  harmony  and love.


Fasting, Intermittent Fasting or Graduated Fasting, and Neuro-science

It is evident what Fasting practices do to our brain and why Big Pharmaceutical companies  do not encourage research about it (see Tedx Talk given by Mark  Mattson, professor of Neuro-science at the National Institute of Aging in USA  and foremost researcher in cellular mechanisms underlying neuro-degenerative disorders).

Dietary changes have long been known to have an effect on the Brain. Fasting and Graduated Fasting in particular as thought and practiced during a Yoga Detox Retreat, helps kick- start protective measures agains all sorts of Neuro- Degenerative diseases, increasing the body ability to fight  disease by busting immunity.

In fact scientific research proves that calorie restriction helps retard age-related degenerative diseases, and helps to extend the life-span.

According to  scientific research both Fasting, Intermittent or Graduated Fasting as well as Exercises, stimulate the production of protein in the Brain that in turn stimulate the growth of neurons and the strength of synapses.

In particular, Fasting and Graduated Fasting improves the production of new nerve cells in the hippocampus and the production of ketones, an energy source of neurons, increasing the number of mitochondria in neurons as well as in nerve cells that helps increase the ability of neurons to maintain connections among each other, strengthening all brain functions, such as memory, alertness, concentration and focusing, also enhancing the ability of nerve cells to repair our DNA.

It seems that our ancestors' adaptation  to long periods of food scarcity helped human evolutionary processes, being conducive to immune system regeneration, as well protecting against immune system damage.

Detoxing through Fasting or Graduated Fasting as practiced during Yoga Wellness Detox Retreats, shifts stem cells from a dormant state to a state of self- renewal, triggering organs regeneration, as well as blood and immune system regeneration. During the graduated fasting period the body gets rid of damaged immune cells that are not needed, promoting a total system of renewal, rejuvenation and re-balancing that is energy enhancing.

The aim of our Detox Programs is to provide treatment and education that will enable you to become the Master of your own health and well-being, learning natural treatments and dietary habits that you can bring back into your daily routine at home, to be healthy forever!