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"Radha has guided me in times of adversity with personal, marriage and child counselling. Her holistic approach is gentle and effective. Radha 's support has been solid and essential in getting through such difficult times, still being able to maintain my emotional/mental balance and wellbeing in my life"

"The emotional healing techniques employed by Radha freed my body-mind system from old childhood trauma."

"The couples counseling we did with Living Relations was a truly transformative process. As a couple it was great to have the counsellors being not only professionally trained but also in a long terms relationship. This gave us confidence in their ability to 'walk the talk' and this paid off for us in our sessions"

"Radha guided me through the worst experience of my life, helping me to understand myself. She is a mother, a healer, a teacher and a friend. If a person is experiencing a fragmented Marriage and grief, loss, ill health or depression, I recommrnd her professional counseling and Flower Essences."

 Completing 10 day Yoga Detox Program -  You guys are Great! Thank you so much, you have condensed years of learning, slow healing and growth into ten days!


”Radha and Jonathan, what an amazing workshop and introduction to Gestalt! Than kyou for holding such an accepting and loving space. I experienced the power of true vulnerability and felt beautifully connected to other participants. Deep, challenging and fun!”

I have known Yogesh for several years now and over this time we have become good friends. We have had a great many meaningful conversations and discussions in this time covering a wide variety of topics. In all my time with Yogesh I have found his advice insightful, practical and appropriate. My health, my happiness, my business and my life continue to improve - every day, and this is due in no insignificant part to Yogesh and his guidance. I would not hesitate recommend Yogesh's Coaching services to anyone.

"I found the present-moment experiential process of Jonathan's and Radha 's relational workshop very transformational.  Simple and yet profound activities connected me with a deeper inner knowing that shifted my relational patterns. Jonathan and Radha facilitated with a deep presence, which empowered us to share authentically with each other. I took away a ‘cellular-memory’ of a different and more positive way to relate to my-self and others. I thoroughly recommend it!”

"Gestalt Counselling accompanied with Australian Flower Essences Therapy, helped me uncover and heal unconscious issues with my father that I was carrying for many years under the form of a chronic back pain, now totally gone. I totally recommend Gestalt therapy!"