from the last 10 day Yoga Detox


4 Days Yoga Wellness Detox Retreat

June 2-5  2016 Gunnubah Retreat Centre MURWILLUMBAH NSW

This Retreat has been very small and intimate.

Everyone enjoyed the beautiful site with private accomodation, and a beautiful Meditation Hall. The group was very supportive,

and each participants went trough a good deal of personal transformation in Diet and Life Style, as well Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually

The retreat was particularly informative in regards to educational topics on Food and Diet,

also looking at the practical applications of food preparations and home made probiotics, within easily accessible cooking classes.

" A wanderful nurturing and gentle team that allowed me to feel at easy.

Amazing 'living food' and the ability to see it being prepared.

The Diet, Health and Wellness presentations were invaluable.

An intimate group that allowed for lots of sharing on a wide range of subjects.

A beautiful 'rustic' retreat centre in a soothing, tranquil environment.

Thankyou everyone for your passion, guidance and committment to sharing!!''(Fiona B.)


January 16-25  2016 AM Wellness Detox Retreat Mullumbimby NSW

The ten days AMWellness Yoga Detox Retreat held last January in Mullumbimby, has been a great success! We had 13 participants that enjoyed the variety of programs. This unique program integrated the best practises for the complete wellbeing of body mind and spirit.

The program is uniquely synthesising Yoga Asanas, Kiirtan, Meditation, Alkaline diet,  Juice Fasting, Gestalt group process, Classes on Health, Stimulation Treatments, and Therapies. All participants greatly enjoyed the program.

Everyone received a personalised set of recommendations and treatments to fit their own health and life situation, to bring home after the retreat ended.

The presence of our international teacher Dada Dharmavedanda was deeply inspiring and enlivening. Dada is a light hearted Yogi that has tremendous levels of energy and positivity, and everyone that spends time with him can take away something very valuable to enrich their life.

On the team were also Radha Cohen, Didi Ananda Devaniishta and Yogesh Alperovitch. Didi contributed with her very sweet, gentle and uplifting vibration that carried everyone swiftly over the detox. Thanks to Radha and Yogesh, one of the program's elements, unique to our Australian team, was the integration of Gestalt Group process. Everyone during the retreat noticed the added value and the deep impact that the gestalt process had on all  participants, enabling to access group support to overcome life-long barriers in a matter of days.

The program symbolises the beginning of a process of grounding and formalising the activities of AMWellness Yoga Detox Retreats in Australia. The team has plans to hold regular programs in the Byron-Bay Yoga Centre, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Stanthorpe. This is an exciting step towards  establishing a very effective and transformative service that will benefit many people in Australia for years to come....

AMWELLNESS DETOX PROGRAMS are designed to promote rejuvenation, vitality and longevity

The Wellness Detox Retreats can help people troubled by Stress, Obesity, Blood pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis and Body pain, Hyper-acidity, Digestive complications, IBS or Candida, Hepatitis, Menstrual problems and Hormonal imbalance, Migraine, Insomnia, Constipation, Skin problems, to mention a few.

Our friendly and well-trained AMWellness Staff will closely give personal supervision to the participants during their detox program and health regime.

The aim of our Detox Programs is to provide treatment and education that will enable you to become the master of your own health and well-being, learning natural treatments and dietary habits that can be brought back into your daily routine at home to be healthy forever!


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