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AM Wellness Yoga Detox practice is a highly effective method that enables the person to reach impressive levels of health. The system is based on a graduated diet program based on the underlying belief that the body is its own best healer given the right conditions to do so. Sickness, in most of its forms, is seen as a natural detoxifying process of the body, and is being carefully monitored rather than eliminated through suppression of symptoms.  Living Relations provides residential Detox Retreats programs where people are given the methods and practices of AM Wellness Yoga Detox, to experience for themselves the benefits, and to learn how to be empowered in taking charge of their own health. Additionally we also provide ongoing personal Wellbeing Coaching and open workshops about AM Wellness detox, as well as Cooking Classes on detox food preparations. (Also see Retreats)

30 min. Free Consultation (online only by Phone or Skype) BOOK HERE

Shine Your Health Program

3 Months Comprehensive Wellness Program    BOOK HERE

Shine your health coaching program gives you the real opportunity to lift your health, happiness and integrated wellbeing. With all the needed support you will do the program over a period of three months. Over this time you will experience improved immunity, detoxification, discovery of deeper meaning in your life, release of negativity and old patterns of thought and action. Your integrated health will the focus and you will learn all the little and big things that empower you to be the real master of your health.

The program includes:

This integral detox coaching program is a natural and perfect follow up to the Detox retreat as it help you to put into practice in your daily life, the changes and the learning you gained from the retreat experience.

The program can also stand by itself and will support great changes in your life, improved health, detoxification, improved immunity, greater levels of energy, and a firm foundation to establish a meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle. 

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Wellness Detox Retreat + Shine Your Health Program

For a limited time, you can enrol in our Well Detox Retreat and Shine Your Health Program and save a massive 20%.  Book now, and enter the coupon code Shine20 at the checkout to redeam your special discount.