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Wellness Yoga Detox Retreat

Guidelines to services and programs

As we welcome you to the Wellness Yoga Detox Retreat, we welcome you to an experience which is likely be one of the most beautiful and memorable that you have ever had. During the short time that you will be here, you will have the opportunity to learn and experience ways to raise the quality of your life -- cleansing, healing, practical & theoretical knowledge, improvement of both your body and your mind.

Of course education only sticks if it is

  •      fun
  •      enjoyable
  •      interesting
  •     invigorating
  •     relaxing

Most natural healing centers cleanse you as fast as possible, often using complex systems you cannot continue at home, or so strict that it’s unlikely you will like to continue with it. Here we strike a different balance – between cleansing, pleasure and easily learned methods, so that it will be relatively easy for you to continue healing yourself at home, improving yourself forever.

At the same time our techniques are very safe. One of the most important principles of natural treatment is “Do not take two steps when you can just take one step". With this in mind, your progress will be gradual, and easily implemented within your daily life.

In order for you to take maximum advantage of our programs and facilities, please read through the guidelines. Please also read and study the guidelines for herbal colon detox which will be given at the retreat.

Your slightest questions are very important to us, and are most welcome.

No question is too much for us. Rather, we love your questions! As you know, here we have no patients. Everyone is a student!



The Team and Activities aim to empower you


-       to educate and empower you so that you bring home practices and info that will help you to improve your health

-       to prevent conditions that will cause or accelerate desease

-       to become free of dependency on medicines

-       to learn and live a lifestyle which is best for your own needs

-       to become a healthy- living inspiration to your family and friends

-       to increase your awareness of your Inner Self

Our highest aim is to see a total health and well-being revolution in our society!


-       General schedule is posted at dining hall and meditation hall.

-       Right after morning meditation, schedule of the day will be announced – including both collective programs and individual treatments.

-       Students who have any appointments outside the center should inform the medical in-charge a day before so schedules will be adjusted.

-       Please inform us whenever you go out of the retreat.


-       One of the activities that you will be doing upon starting the program is diagnosis and prescription to be conducted by the medical in-charge.

-       Your prescription will be the basis of your whole program, and it will also be a valuable guide for you after you go home.


-       Most students need to do daily cardiovascular exercise. For some it is strong, for some mild, never too much.


-       During the retreat yoga asanas (postures) will be simple and introductory. You are guided to gently follow the instructions while remembering that you are the best judge of your own body and capacities. You know your limitations and injuries, do not over do or risk your body! If in doubt ask your yoga instructor and find a way that will be suitable for your body.

-       When you are ready, you will begin to practice your individually prescribed postures. And we recommend to keep the routinely practiceof it  when you go back to your daily life.


-       Most students bring pens and notebooks from home when they come to the Retreat. Though it is not compulsory, it will help you enormously to take detailed notes during all the classes you attend, and whenever valuable discussions occur, even if they happen at the meal table, or while taking an evening walk.

-       You also have time every day for writing your daily diary. Please maintain your diary to help chart your physical, mental and spiritual development. There you can write

o      what you are learning both from talking and from doing

o      how your health evolves and changes from day to day

o      experiences that you have while doing meditation

o      emotions that you have felt

o      notes from your reading

o      questions you want to get answered

o      thoughts about the Retreat

o      other personal matters


it will help you to look at your diary when you go home. It is not necessary to show your diary to anyone else here.






Our kitchen staffs is dedicated to prepare food which is not only healthy but also tasty, and at the same time easy to prepare.

Most other healing centers are not so much concerned about these points as we are. For them it’s enough to get a good cleanse.

Why are we different?

a) Because we want you to continue eating only (or at least mostly) the same kind of foods when you go home, so you can continue to become healthier forever

b) You won’t continue to eat food like this at home unless you feel it’s delicious and also easy to prepare.

c) For these reasons we not only emphasize preparations without any cooked (hard-to-digest) oil, but also we use and teach how to make dressings, sauces and spices.


-       To facilitate your proper detoxification, personal foods are not permitted inside your room, unless it has been approved by the Medical-In-Charge.

-       Food in between meals is also not permitted, as it hinders detoxification and blocks healing. Unless it has been approved by the Medical-In-Charge.



-       You should only do fasting out of your own will.

-       If you feel hungry during fasting and really want to eat something, instead of eating something and losing the effect of your fast, please ask the medical in-charge what is the best thing to do. We will certainly help you.

-       During fasting, the center will provide 2 glasses of pure fruit and veggie juice for breakfast and for lunch full of high nutrients, and veggie soup broth for dinner. If any tiredness is felt, Superfoods are added to the Juices.

-       We encourage you to have your juice/broth together with other students rather than taking it in your room. Continuing to socialize during meal-time is always helpful for those who are fasting and Juce Fasting.

-       Breaking fast (at the end of your long or short fast) should be done only after morning meditation, not before. If you do it before meditation, the purging process will disturb your meditation.

Out of the hundreds who tried to do herbal/juice fasting, we have had 100% success with all of them, young and old alike, i.e. they all fasted at least 2-4- 5 days. Some did it for 8, 15, 20, even 40 days. It is very effective and surprisingly easy – even for those who never did fasting before. Experiencing excellent and easy results, everyone becomes inspired, often beyond their expectation.


-       For most people, cool showers taken systematically increase the overall energy and strengthen the immune system.

-       While bathing it is best to sit on a stool, squat, or kneel. Standing is only suitable if you are unable to sit like that. The best shower system with cool water is as follows:

Just before water comes on your body, breathe in. As water strikes you, at the same time breathe out. This breathing enables the nerve system to easily adjust*. First spray or pour water on the navel, and allow the water to run down below your navel. Then spray or pour water on the point just opposite your navel on your back. Then spray or pour water on the crown of the head in such a way that it trickles down over the backbone. If you do not want your hair to become wet, then do it just below the hair line on the back of your neck. Then bathe all over.


* The same above breathing technique can be used to easily adjust your body when coming in or out of places which are contrastingly hot or cold – so that you don’t get sick.



     In most cases it is advisable that you learn from the staff how to use an enema. Then anytime you are fasting at home, if you have any uncomfortable feeling (usually due to internal gas), you can use the enema to clear it out. If you wish to have your own enema you can purchase one. During the Detox enema will be used only if necessary. A detoxing-cleansing Ayurvedic Herbal Preparation will be administred every night before bed.



We drink water everyday, but why is it that some people enjoy good health from drinking water whereas others do not? The answer is: there is technique to drinking water! Most people drink too little water; this is why their health is not good. How much should we drink then? The answer is that most people need to drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water a day. The amount should be increased if you have skin problem.

Apart from being a constituent part of our body cells, water also has multiple roles. For example it maintains an adequate flow around and between cells, and takes part in many chemical functions in the cells. Most importantly, water disperses nutrients and carries wastes out of our body, including toxins. Hence if you drink very little water, your body will not be able to carry out the function of discharging toxins and waste products properly.

The most important drink of the day is very soon after you rise from bed in the morning – just after using the bathroom. At this time, you can drink about 2 to 3 cups of water to awaken the body’s various functions and to clean the bowels. Some individuals are prescribed drinking a glass of water immediately on waking, while still in their bed. Please note that those who have obesity or heart trouble should usually not drink more than ½ cup at a time, including in the early morning.

Following your early morning drinking, throughout the rest of the day, you can drink ½ cup to 1 cup at every 10 to 20 minutes. However, drinking water should be avoided within the period of half an hour before meals to one hour after meals. This is because it would dilute digestion.

The effect of detoxification is better if you drink lemon water because the citric acid or Vitamin C enhances digestion and aids in clearing the bowels. Making lemon water is very simple, just add the juice of one or half a lemon to one liter of water and add a pinch of salt -- just enough so you can barely taste the salt. The juice should pass through a strainer, so that you do not consume any pulp or seeds. Persons having high blood pressure or obesity must be especially careful to take very little salt.

Here in the Retreat everyone must have a one- liter water bottle and carry it with you so you can drink water at any moment of the day, and so that you can measure how much you are drinking. This will be a valuable practice for the rest of your life.



-       As far as possible, students are expected to learn the procedure of their treatments so they will only need minimal assistance while doing the treatments.

MUD PACK applying hygienic mud to specific areas of need, or in some cases to the whole body – both absorbing toxins and attracting healing blood

STEAMBATH to sweat out toxins, while keeping the face in fresh air (not like sauna, which compels one to breathe in toxic air)

HOT FOOTBATH also to sweat out toxins, with a particular effect on lower body and lung problems

SPINAL BATH to cool the spine only, our best physical treatment for releasing stress

WARM CIDER VINEGAR BATH done only just before sleeping for those who have difficulty to sleep, enabling nerves to thoroughly relax

SYSTEMATIC SUNBATH alternating in and out of the sun, with water or oil massage according to need, for fixed number of minutes and during a fixed interval

HIPBATH attracting healing blood to the lower internal organs including the digestive organs and the female organs

HOT WATER BAGS AND ICE PACKS depending on whether one needs heat for relaxation or cold for healing

Daily treatment is prescribed by medical in-charge, students are welcome to suggest but final say is with medical in charge.




If you have special interest in any of these please inform the day time event organizer, so that priority of programming may be more personalized.

  • Film viewing:

-       The Truth About cancer

-       The Food Revolution

-       Be the master of your own health

-       Delicate Balance

-       Cancer is Curable

-       Food Matters


Other activities we offer and encourage are:

  • Journaling
  • Making PROBIOTICS, sauerkraut, etc.
  • Gestalt Group Process 
  • Meaningful and Growthfull Discussions
  • Musical interludes (bring your instruments please)




-     We recommend that you take as much as possible to your daily life at home.

We know that the process of integration to daily life is challenging and may be hard on your own, that is why we also offer the SHINE YOUR HEALTH COACHING PROGRAM so that you are able to get the maximum support and extract the most out of the experience in the retreat. More details about the program will be given upon completion of retreat. Please see coaching programs.



Kiirtan is a system to prepare the mind for meditation. It includes a little simple singing and dancing movement. 


What is the purpose and system of singing kiirtan?

-       Kiirtan easily releases stress.

-       It also concentrates our mind very quickly.

-       While singing you should keep your eyes closed as much as possible, and concentrate your mind in your top psycho-spiritual energy center (chakra) which is at the top of your head. While doing kiirtan alone at home, you should concentrate in the 3rd eye region just between the eyebrows above the nose.

-       Singing the mantra out loud makes mind focus better than internal mantra

-       There is a beautiful feeling in singing. With that feeling we then begin the meditation.

-       Doing meditation without kiirtan is more difficult and takes longer to be similarly effective

-       It is 100 times better to sing than just to listen. So make sure that you sing and let go of your stress.

-       It is also much better for releasing stress and getting in a beautiful flow if you sing loudly (not shouting) then singing in a whispering voice.

What is the purpose and system of dancing?

-       The dance stretches and prepares the knees for sitting in meditation.

-       As you step back-and-forth, you should step on your large toes. This stimulates the acupuncture point of the pituitary gland which is the main gland for meditation, and also the controlling gland of all other glands. It is called the 3rd eye.

-       Arms are kept high, with the elbows above the shoulder level. This gives a feeling of love, openness, receptivity and surrender to the divine flow. If your arms get tired, bring them down to your heart level, with the palms touching each other at the center of your chest. After a few moments you will see that they feel fine and you can put them back up again.

The Mantra: Baba Nam Kevalam

“Mantra” is a Sanskrit word – “man” means mind, “tra” means liberate, so it means “a word or few words upon which you concentrate to free your mind from its problems”. Yoga uses Sanskrit for all mantras because it is the root language of most languages including Latin, Greek, English, etc.. It is also ideal for meditation because many of the original words of Sanskrit came thrugh the meditation practice of yogis who discovered the effect of sounds, and who assigned meanings according to those sounds vibrational effect. Sanskrit has not been a spoken language for thousands of years.

The universal mantra is 3 words: Baba nam kevalam. “Baba” means infinite love, or infinite existence. “Nam” means feeling. “Kevalam” means only. So this mantra means “Infinite love feeling only”. When meditating on the mantra, you will be guided to think “Baba nam” as you breathe in, and “kevalam” as you breathe out. This will automatically slow your breath and help you feel peaceful, calm and concentrated


A Mantra, is a word or few words which liberates the mind from its stress, anxieties and bondages. Throughout the world even in different cultures, holding the body in different positions have specific universal meanings. For example, arms down means “I am ready”, arms at 90 degrees means “I am strong”, Putting the hand in front means “Stop”, waving the hand means “go” or “come”.

Yoga has no belief systems, except the idea that there is such a thing as the infinite divine flow. We do not describe or limit in any way the concept of God, or the methods of worshipping God. All of the philosophy of yoga is called “tattva”, which means “theory”. It is not for belief, it is useful to help meditation be more effective, or in some cases how to better live in a non-harmful moral way.

How long do we need to do kiirtan? It is good to do every time before meditation. When you do it alone, do it until a deep beautiful feeling comes. That may take anytime between 5 minutes and 20 minutes. When that feeling comes, then stop and begin your silent meditation.



Meditation has 2 different but related dynamics: Touching the Inner being and Releasing Stress

Stress has 2 forms: thoughts and feelings

Surely you find it difficult to be very quiet within. It is difficult because your mind seems to never stop thinking. Nevertheless, the process of meditation is easy.

Every time your mind is distracted, bring it back to Baba Nam Kevalam and visualization. This brings you back again and again to the peaceful center of yourself. Thus:

-       Your stress is gradually converted into an attraction toward your Inner Being

-       You gradually gain the capacity to feel your inner spiritual self – and to love it!

As we continue meditation our capacity to touch our inner being becomes greater. Meditation is the most important method of dealing with stress.

Here it is beautiful to understand that

-we are not suppressing stress but rather channelizing our agitated energy into our peaceful nucleus

-this gives us more and more energy to use for creative good purposes

-the ultimate purpose of meditation is to develop profound yearning or deep desire to realize our highest spiritual potential

If you want to learn a technique of meditation please ask for your personalised instruction during the Retreat.

Bliss is infinite happiness. It is the fundamental desire of human beings. "There is in the living being a thirst for limitlessness." We can never be satisfied with limited things. They may give us pleasure for a while, but not long-lasting satisfaction. A limited object can only give a temporary and limited amount of happiness. But only infinite happiness will satisfy us. So how are we to attain it? By expanding our awareness to infinity; by transforming our limited self into the unlimited: infinite happiness and perfect peace – bliss.

"Self-Realization" is a way of life; a systematic and scientific process for the fulfillment of all human needs: physical, mental and spiritual. It is self-development intuitional practice with techniques ranging from personal hygiene to yoga postures; from social service to meditation. Its goal is the all-round elevation of human being, both individually and collectively, in all aspects.

Our activities encompass a wide range of projects for the welfare of humanity, animals, plants and world ecology. These include yoga and meditation centers, children and adult schools, children’s homes, food distribution centers, disaster relief, medical centers and community development projects. Emphasis is placed on meeting the needs of the local people and assisting them in developing their personal and social resources for the prosperity of all. We recognizes that a balance is needed between the spiritual and mundane aspects of existence, and that neither one should be neglected at the expense of the other. Hence the goal is "self-realization and the welfare of the universe".



We usually identify ourselves according to our occupation, our relationship with our friends and family, our daily activity, the needs and desires of our body, our emotions, and our intellectual ability. But we rarely take the time to contemplate the real nature of our existence; to ask the question, "Who am I?"

If you take the time and make the effort to look deeper into your "I" feeling you will find a deeper "self". There is an unchanging “I” which has been present throughout all of your life, which has been watching everything that you are doing, has been watching all the changes happening to you. The unchanging witnessing “I” is your deeper self, your very nucleus. In that Deep I is deep peace, limitless energy and knowledge, limitless happiness, and infinite love. It is pure consciousness. The realization of your infinite consciousness, your Deep I or your inner self -- is called self-realization.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all want to attain self-realization, because only by attaining it can we attain what we really want at the core of our being: perfect peace; infinite and eternal happiness – bliss. The method of doing this is called spiritual practice and its core technique is meditation.


Service to the Universe

Usual social values nowadays center on sensual gratification. We spend the biggest part of our time making efforts to acquire objects we believe will give us that gratification. When we fail to get lasting satisfaction from those material objects and from the people we know, we automatically believe it's because we didn't get enough of them or from them, or that we need to try something new. This is simply an illusion.

Through spiritual practice we realize that reality is something quite different. Through meditation we feel more and more inspired by serving and loving others. We feel increasingly linked with all other beings’ welfare and happiness. And so we feel greater pleasure in giving than in getting. That's why service is a big part of spirituality. The more we serve others, the better our meditation becomes. And the better our meditation becomes, the more we love others. It is as simple as that.

Thank You