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We know that everyone wants to find the happiness and fulfillment that is in the core of human Life. In the process of discovering and developing that fulfillment we rely on inner knowing as well as on guidance and support from others. For such life enhancing process the in-person workshop setting is the most powerful and transformative medium. Workshops are more affordable than individual therapy, while offering great learning and experiential opportunities. You learn and experience while connecting with other like minded people who are on the same journey of self growth. 

All the Workshops are Confidential and offer a Safe Space and a special opportunity to explore and expand awareness. Learning and growth are enhanced by the group environment, and process takes place faster and deeper giving more value to Your Time and Money.


Currently on offer:


Mental Health Wellbeing Workshop

Addressing the Painfull Stuckness of Long-term Struggle with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD etc...

Opening a door to eliminating lingering dependence on medications or substances.

Our next workshop is an opportunity to grow in understanding and knowledge about the relationship of Wellness and Mental Health.

Dont Miss the Free Talk Introducing 'Mental Health Wellbeing' Tuesday 20th March, 3 pm @ WCA Stanthorpe

Followed by

Four Weekly Workshop Sessions on 'Mental Health Wellbeing'  Click to Learn More


The Four Week Course on Mental Health Wellbeing offers a unique, Low-Cost opportunity to learn about the powerful impacts of positivity, Life Style Choices, Connection, and Support. You will find out how your own choices are the most impact full agents on your own Mental Health, Wellbeing in General, and even the Wellbeing of others!

Contact and and book your spot!

Limited Places! Only 8 Members to a group.

The Course will be held at the Stanthorpe Living Relations Rooms, 29/5 Railway Street Stanthorpe.


Other Workshops available in future or by request:


Self-Esteem Dynamics

This Gestalt Process Workshop will contribute to a fuller understanding of how better manifest and expand your personal sense of Self-Actualisation and satisfaction in life, knowing  your core desires, what you really want and how to achieve it, by helping participants expand on the meaning and the quality of their inner self-concept, and consequently self-esteem.

Self–concept is central for psychological growth, healthy self-esteem and self-empowerment to unfold. At times, it remains caught in apparent contradictions within the personality, or apparent polarities, giving rise to various forms of disturbances or confusion within the self.

All aspects of self need to be known, recognized, integrated and harmonized in order to create a fertile ground for attracting and unfolding positive and successful relationships in one’s life as well as synchronicity of events, since we are part of an interconnected and interrelated Multi-Universe.

The workshop will be based on experiential exercises taking into consideration the Gestalt definition of self as an ever evolving and enriching element, transforming and strengthening through Self-Awareness, Positive Thinking, Mindful Practices, Connected Experiences, Relational Capacity, as well as Personality Integration, and Authenticity.

The workshop process is comprised of experiential activities, including Art and Music Therapy, where participants will be able to work through their personal stories with respect, gentleness, creativity, safety and fun.


Family Resilience & Conflict Resolution

Everyone has some challenges to overcome within their Family system. The Gestalt Process Workshop gives you the opportunity to better understand your family system, how it is operating and what type of forces are at work within its dynamics, and what is your position within it. Consequently we look at different communication skills and how you can improve your positioning within the system of your own family, accepting what needs to be accepted and letting go of what needs to be released, to improve the quality of your family life.

Family Resilience is enhanced when family members can effectively communicate with each other contributing to enrich the whole family with the uniqueness of every member. Family Resilience enables to transform conflicts and adversity into positive and enriching outcomes.

This workshop offers an opportunity to develop this important aspect.

The approach we take is based on Gestalt Therapy, and is about understanding the Complexity of a family system, while learning to practice Compassionate Communication. The foundation to Resilience is the understanding of ‘Being’, as ‘Co-Being’, and the processes that strengthen Resilience within the family are based on Awareness and Communication where Self and Other are Acknowledged, Heard, Understood with Respect for Differences, even in the midst of conflict.

This workshop will help you to learn how to manage a healthy integration of differences within your family enhancing understanding, and replacing the tendency towards worry and suspicion about others with a sense of curiosity, openness and healthy acceptance. 

The workshop experiential process will be increasing your Capacity to handle and grow from challenges, using positive processes that harmonize support and self-support at difficult times.