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Mental Health Wellbeing Workshop

Addressing the Painfull Stuckness with Long-term Struggles such as Depression, Anxiety or PTSD.

Opening a door to eliminating lingering dependence on medication or substances.

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Our next workshop/course is an opportunity for you to discover and grow in understanding and knowledge about the relationship between Wellness and Mental Health. This Four Week Course on Mental Health Wellbeing offers a unique, Low-Cost opportunity to learn about the powerful impacts of positivity, Life-Style Choices, Connection, and Support. You will find out how your own choices are the most impact-full agents on your own Mental Health, Wellbeing in General, and even the Wellbeing of others!

Course Will Run 4 Consecutive Weeks:

Commencing - 22nd  March

Ending - 12th April

Weekly Meetings Every Thursday Morning 10 am - 12 pm

The Course will be held at the Stanthorpe Living Relations Rooms, 29/5 Railway Street Stanthorpe.

Workshop Cost - Only $80 for the full program!


Participants are asked to commit to completion of the four-4 sessions

Numbers are Limited to Eight-8 Participants only.